Ten Top Tips for Shed Security

At this time of year, thefts from shed and garages always increases. By following our top tips below, you should substantially reduce the risk fo becoming a victim.

1. Site the shed as close to your house as possible Make it harder for the thief to break-in and not be noticed.

2. Add a perimeter of crunchy gravel around the shed or garage, and plant some nice thorny plants under the windows. Pyracantha, Berberis and Common Hawthorn are popular and effective.

3. Obscure shed and garage windows with net curtains or whitewash - A burglar seldom steals what he can't see.

4. Fit rear garage doors with a BS 3621 five-lever mortise lock. Do the same for your shed, or fit a "close-shackled" padlock and bolt-on the fittings.

5. For ALL outward-opening doors, fit hinge-bolts in the back edge of the door. These prevent a thief from opening it by removing the hinges


6. If your shed door isn't suitable for hinge bolts, make the hinges harder to remove by bolting them to the door or by drilling out the screw heads.

7. If your garage has an up-and-over door, you can secure it from the inside by drilling a hole in each runner, just above the wheel, (with the door is in the closed position). Snap a padlock through each hole and you now have a simple device to block the wheel's movement and stop the door opening.

8. Secure cycles, mowers, strimmers, hedge-trimmers etc., with a lockable steel cable and ground anchor. - Thieves like to work fast, so slow them down!

9. Visibly mark removable items. Thieves seldom steal property that can be traced back to its owner. Visible marking makes it obvious to a thief that the item is traceable. - For details of suitable products, contact your local Crime Prevention Officer

10. Invest in a simple battery-operated shed alarm. Use it for shed, garage, caravan or boat. Most have a volume of around 130db and few burglars will be able to stay in the protected area for more than a few seconds.