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Essex did not escape the windy weather and as such Essex Police have dealt with a hundreds of calls relating to these problems.



It is during and following these times that we all need to be aware of persons who may see an opportunity and start knocking on doors offering their services to earn a bob or two. Remember that legitimate tradesman will be working flat out at the moment. They will not have the time to be knocking at doors for work.


They may call and state that you could need one of the following services.

Roof repairs

Fence repairs

Garden services.


Be aware that often these persons offer professional looking business cards, but the information on them is often false with contact numbers being non existent.


If you have suffered any damage to your property, please make a point of not taking up the offer of so called tradespersons offering their services at your door.

Perhaps ask a friend or family member to recommend someone.


You may like to look for services which have fully checked by Trading Standards

If some does call, just say that it is already being dealt with and close the door.


If you perhaps have more vulnerable neighbours nearby, please take time to keep an eye out for them.

Often tradespersons will make a point of calling on the more vulnerable and we can all play a part in ensuring that they are ok. If you see a trade’s vehicle on perhaps someone lopping trees etc., go and knock on the door of the neighbours who know you and make sure that they are ok and have not become a victim of a rogue trader.


Often these so called tradespersons will quote a low price to carry out a repair or to cut a tree down, but then end up charging a more, sometimes hundreds of pounds more. The homeowner is then left in a situation if they have already cut down a tree for example and then feel they have to pay the price later quoted. If this has happened to you then you should report them to Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 08454 04 05 06.




REMEMBER - Call Essex Police on 999 if you feel that persons calling at doors are suspicious. Try to make a note of the description of any suspicious tradespersons vehicles and also the index number.