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Going for Gold

We are all celebrating the sporting events that are occurring at the moment with many medals being gained, but unfortunately there are some persons whose aim at gaining gold is achieved by another method.

This time the race will be around the homes of unfortunate victims, picking up property and leaving within record time.

Gold, Silver and other items of jewellery are attractive items for a burglar.  They are generally easy to locate within homes and when taken they are easily removed from the scene of the crime.

Having personal item of jewellery stolen can be a very emotional experience; the items may have great sentimental values and can never be replaced. Unfortunately those persons who commit this type of crime do not care about what a piece of Jewellery means to an individual.

For years most people will have kept their jewellery in their bedrooms and most probably in a jewellery box on the dressing table. Us all being creatures of habit we all tend to put items in places a potential burglar would be aware of; under the bed, bedside unit for example.

We all need to be mindful regarding our personal property. Think about keeping your treasured jewellery in other places. If you do have a jewellery box, only use this for perhaps cheaper costume jewellery.

Please take on board the following advice.

·       Think about purchasing a home safe. Ensure that when purchasing you buy a safe which is fire proof. The safe can also be used for important papers, passports, credit cards and cash etc

·       Make sure your jewellery is insured,

·       Take a photograph of your jewellery. When taking a photo lay a ruler alongside of the items so that this gives more detail on the size of the item. Keep the photographs in a safe place so that you provide details of items stolen should you become a victim of this type of crime.

·       If the jewellery is suitable you maybe able to use a property marking product ‘Smartwater’ or ‘Selecta DNA’ visit the below websites for more information.

·       Do not keep all your jewellery in one place

·       Ensure that homes are secure, keep windows and doors locked.

·       Make your home look like you are at home when you are not.

·       Also be mindful of keeping the below items out of view of windows and doors. Laptops, cameras, mobile phones. Ipods and make a point of registering any items of property with immobilise.


·       Immobilise is the world's largest free register of possession ownership details.
Millions of users have phones, bikes, computers, gadgets and other valuables.

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