Essex Police want everyone to have a fun Bonfire Night but will take action against anyone who breaks the law.

Fireworks are dangerous explosives and officers have vowed to take a tough stance against shopkeepers who sell them to under 18’s and anyone who uses or possesses them illegally.

Those who ignore the law could find themselves facing a fine of up to £5000 and/or a prison sentence. Police officers can stop and search anyone they suspect may have prohibited fireworks and issue fines or fixed penalty notices to people who throw fireworks in the street.

Fireworks- The law.

It is illegal to:

Bonfire Night is no excuse for crime and anti-social behaviour. Please dial 999 in an emergency or call 0300 333 444 in a non-emergency.

Watching fireworks can be great fun but they’re dangerous explosives and need to be handled and stored with care.

Essex Police would suggest going to one of the large organized displays throughout the county but if you must use fireworks yourself, make sure you know how to do so safely by taking a look at Directgov’s firework safety website.

Here are a few bits of advice to get you started:


If you’re a shop owner you have a responsibility to seek proof of age from customers, make sure any fireworks you sell comply with British standards and obtain a license or register with your local authority.