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If you do one thing this week consider this.


Set up some emergency contact details on your mobile phone – read on.


ICE (In Case of Emergency) is the Emergency Services Mobile Contact. This service came about in 2005 after the London Bombings and it has now spread across Europe and Australia etc as a way of providing emergency services with vital information.

It is a
programme that enables first responders - such as paramedics, firefighters and police officers - to contact the next of kin of the owner of a mobile phone and to obtain important medical or support information.

It encourages people to enter emergency contacts in their mobile phone address book under the name ICE. Alternatively, a person can list multiple emergency contacts as ICE1, ICE2 etc.

If you carry a mobile it is so worthwhile having your phone set up with ICE contacts. You maybe going on holiday, taking the dog out for a walk, enjoying the countryside, driving, popping to the shops, visiting an event, or perhaps visiting the Olympics etc whatever you are doing it is good to have details of an emergency contact set up on your phone.


How do I do it?

This is easy to do, Go into your address book on your mobile phone and into add new contacts then add the following ICE 1 then add a contact telephone number of a person that you would like to contacted in the event of an emergency. Add ICE 2 and a contact number for another person and ICE 3 for as third contact.


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Before you look at the incidents please take the time to have a look at some information, it is always wise to read the tactics that are used. It may prevent you from becoming a victim of a similar incident.



In Stanway this week an elderly couple had a close call that was thwarted thanks to Essex Trading Standards. Two people in a white sign written Transit van "cold called" on the couple offering to do minor ground works but were charging them £1200 for the work, Trading Standards intervened and sent traders on their way.


You are advised not to engage any traders that cold call or make an unsolicited call to your house. On a lot of occasions they may say they are doing work nearby for a neighbour and noticed your…….. needs attention, or I have some …… left over from a job nearby and can do a cheap job for you, or with a degree of urgency in their voice that there maybe an emergency and need to carry some work or another - they will all be lies. 


If you need work done it is always best to use a contractor recommended by family of friends, if that is not possible Essex Trading Standards operate the "Buy with confidence" scheme using approved traders. Contact the "Buy with Confidence" scheme by ringing 0845 404 0506 or if you have a computer .


If in Doubt keep them out.


Remember in an emergency dial 999, or otherwise there is the police non-emergency telephone number of 101.


Stephen Armson-Smith, Crime Reduction Officer



It’s time to remind ourselves again why the burglar sees summer as his friend. It’s a time when everybody is enjoying their gardens. The doors are left wide open and the hot sticky nights mean that every window in the house, which is capable of being opened, is flung to its full extent. At these times, even the car is not immune from lapses in security. Windows are wound down and the open sunroof never closes.

The burglar welcomes summer. He is an opportunist by nature. To him, hot days and warm evenings signal rich pickings.

Last summer, in the Epping Forest area, we suffered several 'creeper' burglaries committed in the late evenings or early mornings. On each occasion, the thief only had to reach through an open ground floor window to steal. In some instances, he went into houses through open windows and unlocked patio doors. Forget what he stole for a moment; imagine one of your family coming face to face with him in your home in the middle of the night! It doesn’t bear thinking about.

By all means open your first floor windows. Turn on the fans. But at night, keep your ground floor doors and windows firmly closed and locked.

To the burglar, summer days are as welcome as summer nights and the daytime brings its own opportunities…

We all love to get out into our gardens. Our summers can be unpredictable so we have to take every chance to work in the garden when we can. For some reason, most of us feel that if we are on our property nobody is going to attack it. This false sense of security often leads us to leave doors and windows open all around the house despite the fact that we can only be in one place at one time. People pottering about in the front garden are quite happy to leave the back door wide open. If the barbecue is in the back garden, surely it is safe to leave the front windows and even the front door open..Well, it’s not.

The thief is well aware of our habits. He can see where you are and, more to the point, he can see where you are not. It’s a simple matter and a calculated risk for him to slip into your house, steal something valuable and slip out again in a matter of seconds. 

Their ingenuity knows no bounds. For instance, a youngster knocks on your front door. He or she says,” My ball has gone over into your garden”, or “My rabbit has got out and I think it’s got into your garden”. Being of a kind nature, you go to search for the missing item leaving the front door open. When you return, the rabbit or ball is still missing, the youngster is missing and the antique clock that was standing in your hallway is also missing. Even if you take the youngster with you to assist in the search, an accomplice will be waiting in the wings to complete the dirty deed.

The thief relies on surprise and opportunity. He feeds off the good and trusting nature of the average householder. But, if you don’t provide him with simple opportunities, you are less likely to become one of this summer's victims.


Distress emails:

We have received several reports over the last week of people receiving an email purportedly to be from someone they know who has found themselves in a difficult situation, usually abroad, and are in need of money to help them get out of their predicament. Please treat these emails with much caution and check out the details.  They are almost certainly to be a scam and should be deleted from your email inbox.


Another scam that seems to be doing the rounds and again appears to be from someone you know who is a trusted source, has a subject heading of Private Message and has an attachment called Private Message.  If you click on the attachment it will hack into your email contact address list and the email then gets sent round to all your contacts.  It is possible this will then leave your computer vulnerable to a virus.  Please treat any email with this subject heading as suspicious and delete. 



There is a lot of information regarding doorstep selling from the Office of fair trading. Please click on the below link or copy and past into your address bar.

It is worth saving this information in your ‘Favorites’. As they will come in useful if you are planning any work on your homes.;jsessionid=DE24EDB0A37F477BCD820B26CB79AD10





Please do not wait to be told about any incident before you think about suspicious activity in your area.


If you see something that perhaps does not feel right, please let us know, you may just prevent someone else becoming a victim of crime.


If you would like on advice on what to look out for please do not hesitate to contact me direct.

Essex Watch – Essex Police

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